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Essential oil clay stones for car, bedside table, drawers, desk, wherever you like. Just add a few drops of your favorite oil and enjoy. $12 for 4 assorted stones plus tax/sh                                              All proceeds go to spreading awareness of Fentanyl poisoning, Shalom Ministries and Labor of Love Pet Transport. 

tshirts, white or grey, $27+tax/sh

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5.0 out of 5 stars An informative and heart-felt story about addiction and loss

Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2023

I just finished reading Kim Hix’s book Hear Me Speak: Thoughts from an Angel. As a mother who has also dealt firsthand with a child’s mental illness, addiction, and then the devastating loss of life, her book spoke deeply to me. Through Kelsie’s own words from her journals, Kim shows us the heart of her daughter…a young woman who fell into addiction because of her struggles with depression and anxiety, a young woman who desperately fought for her life. In Kim’s words, you hear about the struggles of a mother who tries to do everything in her power to help her daughter. Interspersed in the pages are facts about illicit Fentanyl. This is a must-read for parents who have been on this journey, parents who have a child suffering from addiction, and for the vulnerable people in your life that you worry about    


Hear me Speak. Thoughts from and Angel

“This book, first, is to honor my beautiful daughter Kelsie, who's words, doodles and thoughts cover these pages. Kelsie was the love of my life and my every heartbeat, beautiful talented, goofy, silly, but also tormented

by her own thoughts of deep depression anxiety, low self esteem hopelessnes, all which were the root of her addiction. And to bring knowledge and awareness to Fentanyl poisoning, this poison is claiming over 300 lives a day.

My hope is this book gives you insight into the thoughts that go on in the mind of someone struggling in life. Addiction is a disease. There is hope. Fentanyl claimed her beautiful soul in the form of a fake Xanax someone gave her. It was not Xanax at all, but a fake pill that was laced with Fentanyl.

Secondly, this is for the millions of young people like her, struggling to find themselves in this world, numbing their pain hoping it will all go away but it doesn't. Cling to hope, your family, talk to your parents, even if you can't see the good in you, trust others when they tell you it's there.

Fight, fight hard for yourself and your happiness. you deserve it. I found this written in one of Kelsie's journals..

You are worthy of All things Magic

Now you must believe it to be true.”

Kim Hix

Mom to an Angel

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