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Kelsie was 23 when she lost her life, but in reality she started losing her life long before.  Kelsie was a beautiful, smart, popular child and pre-teen, until 8th grade and puberty hit, then as they say "the shit hit the fan". At that time a deep depression set in, anxiety, self doubt, low self esteem, and dabbling with substances to numb her pain. She had a fabulous psychiatrist that helped her, but no medications helped her depression, and she started drifting more and more to the dark side. The drugs were getting more dangerous and she was getting deeper.

Around the age of 20 she met a guy that was encouraged her to do even more risky drugs like meth. I did anything and everything possible to help her, watch her, get her treatment, turned her into police, all kind of interventions. She was my world, and I knew this was coming from a place of deep self hate. By the time of her death, she had just gotten out of her 4th rehab, 6 weeks later her life was gone after taking a fake Xanax for her anxiety.

The night of this tragedy, the whole family was home, my husband was grilling for my parents, and I was in my room a few feet away. None of us knew she was in her room taking her last breaths. Her door was wide open, We heard not a sound.

I went in to see her and chat as I always do,, only to find my worst nightmare, she was sitting indian style on the floor in front of her mirror getting ready to go out, she was slumped over, covered in her own vomit. Immediately I screamed her name, then for 911, and began CPR, she was already blue and gurgling on her own saliva and vomit. My mother came running as did everyone, she helped me with CPR until Paramedics arrived.


The Paramedics and fire department worked tirelessly for and hour as I pleaded them not to stop. At the end of an hour one of then said they detected a faint heartbeat, and the whisked her off to the hospital. There they had to continue to shock her several times, and they then put her on life support. The medical team was honest, that she would not recover, she had been without oxygen too long and her brain continued to swell. I sang, cried, sang, held her hand all night, and almost exactly 24 hrs after I found her, her heart beat for the last time. My love was gone. My life destroyed. My heart shattered.

February 27, 2022 at 5:27 pm the love of my life was gone from me. 

She loved all things Celestial, Astrology, Numerology, Crystals, moons, stars, my old soul, my spirit child. She doted on her dogs, Lilah, Gypsy and Poncho.

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