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I lost my heart, my soul, my love, my daughter, last year to fentanyl poisoning. She took what she was told was Xanax, for her anxiety, but it was a fentanyl pill. I found her in room on the floor saturated in her own vomit, in the last stages of dying. Every effort was made by myself and first responders to save her, but she had been without oxygen too long, and She left home for Heaven.

I have been working on this book based on her journal entries during stays in rehab, and just sitting in her room. She also struggled with addiction, depression and severe anxiety. The book is comprised quotes, doodles, and her thoughts that I found she kept in her journals, along with excerpts from on depression, mental illness, fentanyl poisoning, and her life.

I think this book, although short, would be beneficial for others struggling with self doubt, depression, addiction, to read the innermost thoughts of someone who struggle as well.

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A few Reviews

"As I sat here reading this book I thought about what the Hix Family has been through. Kelsie was only 23 at the time of her death and this book opened my eyes to the dangers of fentanyl poisoning. Please read this book, it will truly open your eyes and hopefully prevent another death. We need to save our children." NC

" I just finished reading Kim Hix’s book Hear Me Speak: Thoughts from an Angel. As a mother who has also dealt firsthand with a child’s mental illness, addiction, and then the devastating loss of life, her book spoke deeply to me. Through Kelsie’s own words from her journals, Kim shows us the heart of her daughter…a young woman who fell into addiction because of her struggles with depression and anxiety, a young woman who desperately fought for her life. In Kim’s words, you hear about the struggles of a mother who tries to do everything in her power to help her daughter. Interspersed in the pages are facts about illicit Fentanyl. This is a must-read for parents who have been on this journey, parents who have a child suffering from addiction, and for the vulnerable people in your life that you worry about." CS


"Kelsie was my friend in my freshman and sophomore year of high school. She had such a beautiful soul. If there’s something I remember about her it’s how much she loved to doodle.. Suns, flowers, peace signs and Ying Yang symbols specifically. Kelsie was my friend when I was the quiet, new girl and she made me feel like she actually wanted to be my friend, she had such a kind soul. I think about her almost daily and I hate that the world lost such a beautiful person. Great job with the book Kim, I am sure Kelsie is proud. What a great way to honor her and show others the real Kelsie." ML

"I love the book. I read it today. I knew Kelsie, and she was beautiful on the inside and outside. Her mom is completely amazing. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering she has gone through. Every family should have a copy available in their home. I plan to send copies to some of my friends' families who have lost someone they love." SC




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