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  • Kimberly Hix

Grieving out Loud

Grief- deep sorrow, especially that is caused by someone's death.

Complicated grief disorder- also known as persistent complex bereavement disorder. In complicated grief, painful emotions are so long lasting and severe that you have trouble recovering from the loss and resuming your own life. Complicated grief has been my experience, and I am sure that of all parents who have lost a child. The ability to comprehend, understand, accept, move forward from this is near impossible, at least for me.

I was invited by another mother, Angela Kennecke, who lost her beautiful daughter to #fentanylpoisoning in 2018, to be a guest on her Podcast Grieving out Loud . Of course I said yes, never turning down the opportunity to raise awareness myself and tell Kelsie's story. Angela has turned her grief into advocacy as I have, but on a much larger scale. Her website is Emily's Hope

"Angela Kennecke is a journalist who lost her 21-year-old daughter Emily to fentanyl poisoning on May 16, 2018. Angela is “grieving out loud” to try to put an end to this epidemic by stopping the stigma and promoting the treatment of substance use disorder as the disease it is. Anyone coping with loss and looking for inspiration can benefit from listening to this podcast."

Link to the Podcast on all platforms #YouTube #Spotify #Apple

I was also invited to do another Podcast by Marissa Eversole for Mother's Day release, her Podcast is Women's only Area

Fentanyl continues to devastate the US, killing at record numbers, now considered to be a Weapon of Mass Destruction. It is now being mixed with a veterinarian drug called Xylazine, making it more deadly and resistant to Narcan to save a life. Just 1 kilogram can kill 500,000 ppl. Seven out of every street pills are laced with a lethal dose of Fentanyl. Parents MUST talk to their kids and make sure they are aware of this evil presence out there, everywhere, and NOT to accept anything from anyone except their parents and a pharmacy.


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